Talent Development

Managing talent well has become crucial for finding opportunity in the midst of change, as leaders must shape a workforce with the skills to deliver on strategy now and in the future. We help individuals become better as a distinct competitive advantage, improving their productivity to offer the most value at their places of work.

Let us tell you a story about fitting a round peg in a square hole.

During the Apollo 13 space mission, an oxygen tank explosion forced crew to evacuate to a lunar module.  Among the problems they had to solve to stay alive was the removal of carbon dioxide.  There were enough unused canisters but the square canisters from the command module they had left were not compatible with the round openings in the lunar module.  The small team of three astronauts on board needed help from the wider remote team back on planet earth.

Why is this story about fitting round pegs into square holes relevant?

Because every day most of us can identify a situation in the workplace where we are faced with pressured and critical decision making or a need to innovate and take risks.  We are forced to manage our stress and time whilst maintaining clarity in our communication.  We need inspirational leadership and management as well as sound team working.  We need to listen to new talent and embrace diversity and collaboration.

How you tackle those challenges is what sets you apart…

In Houston, Ground Control put together a team with the objective to find a way to use only items available on the spaceship, to build something to make the control module canisters usable. Using what was available to the astronauts the team utilised plastic sample bags and cardboard from the log book covers as a funnel, the cabin air was pumped through the lithium hydroxide using a pressure suit hose, into a fan and then through a sock, which acted as the filter. The whole thing was held together with duct tape.

The solution bought three astronauts home safely.  The learning from that mission influenced all future space travel.  Sustainable changes were made that impacted the way that the whole organisation operated.

At Axiom we’ve spent the last 20 years specialising in those round pegs into square hole moments.  We can help your organisation develop its people and meet your critical business situations more effectively.  Our approach is always tailored and bespoke, we’ll work with the problem you give us and design the right solution to achieve the change you need to see.

Whatever your current staff development challenges we would love to hear about them.  Whether you need  improved leadership, management, communication, problem solving, collaboration or innovation – Call our conversation starters today and tell us about your round peg challenge.